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Twice a year, and only about a mile from our home, I visit Antique Alley.  The actual timing is the 3rd weekend in April and September.  Last weekend, I took off work on Friday to make the rounds.  Unfortunately, I was also fighting a bad cold.

Lucky for me, Friday was the sunny day with rainy weather to follow for Saturday, so I picked a great day!


In years’ past, I have found some great deals on quilting fabric.  I remember two years ago when I met a lady that had lost her mother that Spring.  She had a booth that was full of her mothers sewing items, fabric, interfacing, and so much more.  I actually filled the trunk of our car that day.  I still have bolts of interfacing for gown creation and fabric for quilting and sewing projects.

This year, I found another booth with fabric and was ecstatic!

I used restraint this time around as I only have so much room left in my fabric cupboard. The lot pictured, about 60 yards worth, is all I bought.  In my sewing room, I refuse to hoard fabric, I want to be able to keep a bit of a handle on how my stash is growing!

In addition to the fabric I bought, there were other booths with good fabric for sale as well as trim and notions:

Some prices were better than others, but ultimately there was a lot to choose from!

In addition to fabrics, there were many antique quilts and blocks for sale too.

I really don’t have the space or the time right now, so I didn’t rescue any of these beauties.  It made me sad, but I just know someone else will show them some love.  One particular item did catch my eye and almost had me convinced.

This bag of paper pieced blocks was so wonderful, even down to the old paper that was used for their construction.

I think the owner had chickens!

There were also some pretty neat looking old machines for sale.

Alas, if I don’t have room for more fabric and old quilts, I certainly don’t have room for machines!  One day I may consider collecting some of these beauties, but for now I am happy to take my little fabric purchase home and create something fun.

Maybe I will use these fabrics for Row by Row this year!

Did you visit Antique Alley this year?

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