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All the Cars I Loved Before…

Sitting in a vehicle in -15 temperatures got my mind to wandering. Actually, it is amazing that my frozen noggin could conjure up thoughts with as cold as it is, but there ya go.  Watching my husband turn the key in the ignition and hear the vehicle fire right up really made me remember the “good old days”?

I distinctly remember at least 3 vehicles when I was in my 20’s.  The oldest was a 62 ½ Willy’s Jeep pickup truck. I loved this truck because with a paperclip or piece of wire, you could fix about anything on it. Yea, it was a bit rough, but was strong enough to push a plow in the winter.

Image result for 63 1/2 willys jeep
It looked something like this – but with a plow

Another vehicle, a little less old was an early 70’s International Harvester. This aqua/white poor excuse for a crossover sounded like it was going to fall apart at any moment while driving it down the road. I really shouldn’t complain much because this is the 4 speed I learned to drive on.  How many young people these days can admit to learning how to drive on a stick shift?

Image result for 1970 IH scout

Lastly, was the pretty one of the bunch – a maroon and black 1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Now this car was one hot ride. Of course, this two-door also came with power steering, automatic windows and “bucket seats”.  I loved riding in this car. Unfortunately, I hit a patch of black ice one day and ended up riding on two wheels – Dukes of Hazzard style- through the ditch as I sheared off yellow posts.  I miss that  car.

Image result for 1975 Monte Carlo

You may think that I am simply reminiscing about “all the cars I loved before”; however, there is actually a reason for my musing. As I watched my husband easily turn a key to hear the engine roar in the bitter cold, I am reminded of how many times I sat in a freezing cold vehicle, pumping the gas in order to get it started.  Then after it did begin to come to life, having to use every ounce of finesse I could muster to flutter that same gas pedal until the engine smoothed out and stopped threatening to quit entirely.

Anyone else remember these days?

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