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Alea Potter

Alea Potter
What does a woman give her Harry Potter enthusiast daughter? She commissions a quilt that can be handed down for generations.
This quilt was not only a challenge because of the time line – this all started around the first of December, 2020. At any other time, fabrics would not be an issue, but this is the age of masks. To add to this, the licensed fabrics could only be found at Joann Fabrics.
The star of this show is the fabrics. Because of this, the design consists of larger segments, not small piecing. Like many other commissions, I created a web page to explore design choices. I also sent lots of images over Facebook.
The first of these images were fabrics. As I said, I ran into a lot of trouble finding fabrics for this quilt. In the end, I was able to find 3 of the 4 that the customer liked and THAT was an adventure.
Alea Potter Fabric

Due to time constraints and “available in-store only” issues, the very next day we took off to go shopping. I ended up going to 5 different stores before I found the fabrics in the quantity that I needed. Luckily, the client was happy to trust my substitution.

The Design

As I said, the design was simple and showed off the fabrics that were available. I was so happy to find the Marauder’s Map fabrics, this was my favorite!

Alea Potter EQ Layout

E2E Quilting

Celtic Curlz was the E2E pattern used to complete this gift. The pattern itself looks wonderful but did not take away from the quilt fabrics.

Celtic Curlz

This and other E2E patterns can be found on our website. The top segment is reserved for new patterns that appear regularly.

Alea Potter Close

The textures this pattern created were so pretty.

Alea Potter Close

Quilt Back

The backing fabric was a maroon that mirrored the colors in my favorite fabric – Marauder’s Map. It is here that you can really see the quilting. I was not very happy with how the color came through on this picture, it is better represented in the label to follow.

Alea potter Back

Every Label is meaningful so I encourage customers to say something personal. I finish this part of the quilt with an embroidered label.

Alea Potter Label

The final request for this quilt was to double-box it for shipment. Here is a picture of the inner box and special label!

Alea Potter Wrapped

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Alea Potter
Size: 96 x 90
E2E Pattern: Celtic Curlz
Thread: 10431 Titanium Glide

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