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African Stained Glass

If great fabrics make great quilts, then African Stained Glass is, indeed, Great! The African fabrics, coupled with black sashing and borders create an impact.

African Stained Glass
The creator, Debbie, provided even more information about the fabrics. The fabrics included a heavy coating that was actually difficult to sew through. It gummed up the works. After washing, this effect was less of a problem.
This quilt will be presented to missionaries that have spent a great deal of time in Africa.

E2E Quilting

Very often, I will have the customer look at the actual fabrics. This can provide a clue as to the perfect E2E Pattern. In this case, the gorgeous flowers spoke to us. Plumeria was a good choice to mimic these while dancing across the black background.

Edge to Edge Patterns

Up close you can see how beautiful this looks

African Stained Glass Close
African Stained Glass Close 2

Quilt Back

Not all backing hides the quilting. In this case, the black thread played nicely across the back.

African Stained Glass Back

The texture is beautiful.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: African Stained Glass
Size: 49 x 59
Quilting Pattern: Plumeria
Thread: Glide Black
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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