About the Author

My name is Robyn Gotch. I have an enormous number of interests and can go off in a different direction at any moment –  my blog will attest to that.  

You will find that I predominantly blog about quilting and sewing and I try to post as many finished projects (those of my own and my clients) as I can. With this being said, from time to time some of my other “passions” may surface as well.

 I am sure that if you are the type of person that would rather make it than buy it from a store – this blog just may be for  you!  Also, if you are like me and yearn for new experiences, then you will fit right in!

I do finish what I start and try to become at least moderately good at many things, while being accomplished at a few.  Life is too short to sit idle and watch it pass by. Be a participant, encourage others to excel and…