A New Year and Lots Going On!

It’s been a while since our last post and it isn’t because nothing is going on.  Quite to the contrary – 2017 projects have made my days busier than ever!

So, let me break down what all the activity was about.


Below are a few of the quilts that came in the door in the last couple months.  Customer 2017 projects include many gorgeous quilts, and I am sure the folks who received them were thrilled!

Such a fun border on a quilt for a lucky husband.

This quilt was finished in a leaf pattern and sage colored thread that melded with the sage and purple theme, just lovely.

One lucky little girl received this beautiful bed covering quilted in boots and hats (a Texas favorite!) I also heard something about getting a real-live horse for the holidays. Lucky girl indeed!

My Own – an absolutely beautiful quilt with many paper pieced blocks.

This stained glass beauty was quilted out using a large meander and black thread! The finished product was so beautiful.


When I was not working on customers’ 2017 projects, I have had a few of my own going on as well.  The first are my entries in the Dallas Quilt Show – 2017

This isn’t a quilt? Sorry – until the show, I have decided not to show images of my “It’s a Charmed Life” entry or my entry for the Master 103 one-person wall quilt.


It is not without a great deal of excitement that I refrain from posting images, I just would rather not jinx anything. If you are as excited as I am to see beautiful quilts from artists around our area, join us March 10-12, 2017 at the Dallas Market Hall.

Due to the number of client quilts, I have had less time to finish some of my own.  Below is a patriotic quilt that did make it through the process.

This is Old Glory (bite me) and was created in a very organic way. This is pretty much the way I do most of my quilts. After choosing a favorite block, I continued on until all but a few very small snippets were left of the available fabric.


In addition to quilting, I am working on some sewing projects as well. Nearly finished is this green rose cloak.  The finishing touch of adding beads to all the trim will complete this in time for Sherwood Forest Fair 2017.

Green Rose lined cloak

I am also mostly done with a tuxedo-style jacket for Selesti and should be finished with that in the next couple weeks.  And, of course it’s blue!

And… a CRUISE!

Yes, after over 15 years, hubby and I finally took a proper vacation and headed to the Caribbean for a 7 day cruise. I highly recommend this type of vacation for anyone who has trouble letting go and relaxing.  No phone service and limited internet coupled with being pampered every minute made it impossible not to relax!  We had a great time and hope to do it again soon!