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Charmed Christmas

Charmed Christmas is another quilt that came into being because of a charm pack. I cannot remember where I got these. I do know that I had them for a very long time. Finally, dragged them off my shelf, and paired them with some off-whites and a beautiful red. Charmed Christmas was the result.

Charmed Christmas

This is one that I am keeping for me, I love Holiday quilts and this one is a keeper.

Waste is something I do not handle well, so when I had tiny half-square triangles left over, I used them as cornerstones in the sashing.

Charmed Christmas Scraps to corner blocks in sashing

E2E Quilting

Because I am using Wool batting, I wanted a pattern that would create an impact. Merriment is a pretty pattern with swirls and holly leaves.


The way this E2E works with the wool is very nice. I also used 27500 Wheat Glide thread so that the quilting was more subtle.

Charmed Christmas Close

Wheat Glide thread is a good choice and does not take away from all the pretty fabrics.

Quilt Back

The combination of wool batting and calmer backing allows the back to really stand out. Texture, movement, and a pattern that is very festive make the back beautiful.
I have fallen in love with this quilt and can’t wait to display it for the holidays.
Charmed Christmas back

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Charmed Christmas
Quilt Size: 76 x 76
Quilting Pattern: Merriment
Thread: Wheat Glide
Batting: 100% Wool
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