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A Brother’s Gift

There are so many different designs for a quilt. Some are fun and frilly, but others make great gifts for a man. A Brother’s Gift is a sampler quilt that is sure to make a fellow happy.

Bradford Brother front

You are drawn into the interesting blocks at first glance, but the fabrics also make an impact. The traditional look and fun piecing is very interesting.

E2E Quilting

A traditional quilt deserves a traditional treatment. What better design than feathers? Using a brown Glide thread called Leather and Adiago Edge to Edge was perfect.

This feather design is one of my favorites. This motif compliments A Brother’s Gift nicely.

Bradford brother close
Bradford brother close 2

Quilt Back

I struggled to get a good image of the back. The quilting does show well but there are these TEENY WEENY stripes (much like ticking). The stripes actually cause an optical illusion in the image. You will see what I mean below.

Bradford brother back

This quilt is sure to please a loved family member

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: A Brother’s Gift
Size: 81 x 101
Quilting Pattern: Adiago
Thread: Glide Leather
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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