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16 Patch Squares

For 2022, I have made some specific goals for my quilting. One goal is to create a series of scrap quilts. 16 Patch Squares is a good start.

I found an image on Pinterest of this quilt and new it was a good fit. From there, I went to my Electric Quilt 8 and started drafting. The odd thing is that I could not find the square with 4 square center block. I had to draft that one.
Yes, I could have winged it during production, but my goal is to be able to provide these as patterns as well. For this reason, I needed to do it right.

Custom Quilting

As I was putting this top together, I realized that there was a great opportunity for custom quilting. From the images below, you will see a feathered square with continuous curve design for all the 16 and 4 patches.

16 PATCH SQUARES close 2022
16 PATCH SQUARES close 2 2022

Sure can’t wait to get started on the next scrappy quilt!

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: 16 Patch Squares
Size: 53 x 60
Quilt Pattern: Custom hand-guided
Thread: Superior White Glide
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